About The Marketing Emporium


Let us help you so you can get back to managing your business or workload, focusing on what’s important, and spending less time on better social content and activities.
We provide you with the knowledge and tools you need as a small to medium-sized business to run your own social media successfully. Each month you'll have access to new materials through a 
members-only portal, which provides you with the knowledge, inspiration, accountability, tools, and guidance for you to run your own social media marketing, easily and effectively.

Who’s behind The Marketing Emporium

A team of global experts.

Our experienced team know digital. They bring you the best insights, hints, and tips to run your social media in the best way. 

We are a subsidiary of RMH Consulting, a marketing consultancy providing marketing strategy and services across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Canada, and the Pacifics.


Miss Fit Bikini Model

We have loved the support and guidance from The Marketing Emporium. The social media guides have helped immensely with our productivity, quality of our content and organic reach. Amazing value and the best marketing investment we have ever made.

Miriella Beauty 

Highly recommend! The guides I've received from The Marketing Emporium have helped me run my social media accounts more efficiently and creatively. It has saved me a ton of time and my accounts have gained more reach and engagement even in a short period of time. Game changer!! 🙌

Wander Wonder Wonton

We've loved the training modules in the member section of The Marketing Emporium. They're easy to follow and understand, and to implement.

The tools and tips have helped us to up our game too! 

What content is in the Membership?

Each month you will receive emails to notify you of new content in the membership portal.

Once you have access to the content, it will remain in the portal and you can revisit it and learn at your own pace and when you find or make the time.

Timely Updates 

  • Calendar | Featuring dates like, ‘hot choc day,’ & ‘Kindness week’ for post inspiration
  • Done-for-you social posts | Four generic posts each month with hashtags and imagery!
  • Digital Marketing News | We break down any changes you need to know

Training & Tips

  • Training video | We simply talk you through all you need to run your social media 
  • Tool of the month | We make social media easier and cooler with cutting-edge tools
  • Accountability and motivation | We will keep you inspired to take action!   

Monthly Bonuses

  •  Tunes to grove to | Spotify playlists to keep you motivated!

  • Books we love | Great reads for further learning if you’re up for it

  • Discounts! | 10% off The Marketing Emporium products and events

What does it look like inside the membership portal?

If you're interested in our memberships, check out this video to see what the platform looks like and what you receive in it each month! 

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